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Energetic consultation, Frankfurt

A new building makes enormous demands. Clients are not sure what the planning phase should consider, and if the planning of the building is optimal from an energetic point of view.

Based on the building drafts and specifications a report will be prepared, with useful measures, and information for additional inclusion within the contract. Therefore, you as a client achieve certainly as to the quality of the construction through the use of an independent consultant.

The EnEV (Energy Saving Order 2002) determines the minimum regulations. With the smallest variation the building will not be approved.



Energetic conditional analysis

Existing buildings normally have a disproportionately high energy consumption. Persons-in-charge need a discussion and decision rationale. In regard to the expected drastic increase of energy prices, rents, which are linked to expenditure, will equally clearly increase too.

With regard to the consumption account and the building documents, an overview will be taken, including the comparison of the energy consumption and energy requirements. Finally, concepts for sensible modification or renovation measures will be formulated.




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