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On-Site-Energy consultation, Frankfurt

Certified building energy consultants are authorized to prepare the on-site energy advice as promoted by the government. As qualified architects we also prepare detailed energy diagnosis or plan further building measures.

The energetic situation is documented, structural and installation renovation measures are recommendend, then their economic efficiency and possible ways of assistance are presented.

A thorough analysis of the construction and energetic status of the building is recommendend, even in the planning of smaller renovations.

The on-site energy utilisation report, based on the current condition of the building, is used by the owner as a guide for measures for the energetic improvement of the building.

The energy consultant determines which areas in the house demand the highest energy consumption, demonstrates ways of energy saving, and describes how the required work can be coupled with the renovation measures.





If you also seek the optimal efficiency of your building by utilizing an on-site energy consultation, optionally with the Energy Pass, we are at your disposal. We are the right people to contact for comprehensive energy diagnosis, or where the planning of larger measures are being considered.

The State will bear the costs. The Bundesanstalt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle (BAFA) will take the grant of about 50 % (one-family-house: 300 €) for a one-site enery consultation, the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW), some federal states and some parishes have their own promotions for the finance of the measures (application to the BAFA until 31.12.2006).

Arch-Energy is also calculating the demand for heat for the dimension of the heating.

Operated On-Site Energy consultation with Energy Pass: "references".

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